How to Prepare

- How to Prepare Your Family for a Black + White | Session -

First and foremost, decide what single portrait you would like to walk away with. Is it a portrait of your infant? Of your babies altogether? Or a full-family portrait? It’s best to walk in with a vision of that single portrait that we will strive for, and if we capture more, it’s gravy. This is especially important if you have small children who move quickly and lose interest rapidly.

The more we can focus on that one portrait combination, the better that portrait will be.

Your session will take between 45 and 90 minutes, and the earlier in the session that we can nail the portrait that we aim to capture, the better. This is mainly for the benefit of the kids: my studio is a novel environment for your child, and we can use this to our advantage by snapping away while they’re still mesmerized by their new experience in the space.

Because this is a black and white session, the color of your clothing will not matter as much as the way it hangs on your body. So, pick clothing for the session with a cut that you like, and feel good wearing. You are welcome to bring multiple outfits to discuss when you arrive. In the end, I recommend sticking to one outfit.

Location: The studio is located at 134 10th St. NW, Charlottesville, VA 22903. Click here for the Google Map. When you arrive, you may park in the parking lot located on the south side of the building. Once you’re there, walk to the main door that directly faces the street, and call up to apartment 4. If you get lost, call me at 703-864-1712 and I’ll help you out!

After your session, an optional order consultation meeting is available if you would like help narrowing down which photos you feel are your “keepers,” and how to display them. This meeting is the most efficient way to make your print and album selections, as it allows us to really tease out your goals using visual tools, and in a shorter amount of time than it often takes using an online proofing gallery on your own. And while not required, you do get 40% off all orders placed at this meeting!

All prints, albums, and digital files will be available for purchase at the consultation session as well as through your proofing gallery, which will be posted for 6 months following your session. 


- More on How to Dress your Children -

Dress your child in clothes that you love to see them wearing. If aunt Gloria sent you a sweet Ralph Lauren jumper that gives your little girl an air of adorable sophistication beyond her years, how interesting would that be to see in a perfect studio shot? If you just adore watching your little boy run around in those maroon corduroy overalls that you scored at the thrift store, then you will probably love a photo with him wearing those very overalls. That jumper, those overalls, or whatever it is that you love, will be perfect.

The point is: do not listen to folks who tell you to play down patterns, or collars, or this or that, because it will lead to better photos. “It will draw attention away from the face,” they say. “Everyone really should be wearing the same color.” Blah, blah. None of it is true. If your child will wear it, and you love it, that’s all you need to know.

These portraits are for you, and for your child when they get older. You want to hang them on the wall right after they are taken and say “look how that color brings out her eyes!” You want to say, years down the line, “remember that shot of Agatha in that adorable floral dress? She was obsessed with flowers back then.”

A portrait should bring you back to the moment that it was taken and the time that it was taken in. Pictures are moments of the past, and should therefore represent the past. Picking an outfit that symbolizes the moment is an integral part of that representation.

 Studio portrait photographs are a special occasion. It’s your chance to doll up your child in the manner you want to remember them by. Because we use solid color, neutral backdrops for studio sessions, not much will get in the way of your child just being themselves, in whatever you dress them.